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Is CCI the most skilled suction cup producer ?

At the moment, we could not say that we are the most skilled suction cup producer. However through the continueous improvement, our engineering staff and specialists make us become one of the most competitive suction cups suppliers.


Does CCI PVC suction cup comply with RoHS requirements ?

Yes, All CCIs  PVC suction cup comply with European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS) requirements.
Apart from the RoHS requirements, all our PVC suction cups also meet the following international standards:


Phenol content in accordance with German Food Commodities Act, LMBG, Recommendation XL VII.


EN1122: 2001 (Method B.)


Hasbro Specification SRS-046 Rev.E for DEHP content.


European Union's Directive 2002/95/EC (RoHS)


EN71 Part: 1994 & AMENDMENT A1: 2000


Azo dyes test.


(ST Mark) Japan Toy Safety Standard: Part 3 - 2002.


Tin Content


ASTM F963-96a


ASTM F963-03


Mattel #0006-5010 Rev.B For total CADMIUM CONTENT.



Who is CCI ?

Chong Chin Industrial Co. (CCI) is a professional plastic products manufacturer specializing in the production of various high quality suction cup/hook, bathroom products and various premium items for more than ten years.
Although our name is often associated with plastic mould and injection product, we are much more than that. We manufacture a wide range of products. We are the one of top supplier of suction cup in the HK and PRC.
Chong Chin has in-house molding, plastic and metal factory which strongly enhance our flexibility to handle any orders.
With tremendous amounts of investment in equipments, facilities and Research & Development, we handle all steps of production, from sourcing raw material to packing. In addition, our strong R&D team constantly creates up-to-date models to widen your selection.

Through mass production, flexible arrangement of product lines, constant technique innovation and successful implementation of Total Quality Control, we can greatly reduce our operation cost and hence offer our customers supreme products with extremely competitive price. We always urge ourselves towards perfect and innovation.

We welcome any OEM and ODM orders. Actually, there are more models than what you can see in our product list.
Our main products are: The suction cup made of PVC, SBS, SEBS and PU ; The plastic and metal hook; snap hook series, bathroom accessories. soap holder, shelf hook
All our products are suitable to sell in the markets of America/ UK/ Hong Kong/ Korea/ Japan and Europe.

Samples of products can be sent on request of any potential customers.

The products can be customer-made for individual tastes and needs. Whatever design you want we can design and produce it !  For any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We will only be to obliged and ready to answer any queries or requests you have.

What is CCI's Main products ?

Our main products are: The suction cup made of PVC, SBS, SEBS and PU ; The plastic and metal hook; snap hook series, bathroom accessories. soap holder, shelf hook.


Why Chong Chin Suction Cups ?

Holding Power C Chong Chin suction cups simply hold better! They are more reliable and stronger than other cups.

Clarity - Clear Chong Chin suction cups give a crystal look!

Durability - UV-stabilized material resists yellowing and deterioration which make CCI's suction cup more durabale than others.

Easy Removal - The release tabs let easy removal, without damage to the cup or mounting surface.

Heavy Metals Free - We use only heavy-metal-free material to produce our products.


What is the Advantage of Chong Chin Suction Cups ?
1.The suction cup adsorbs the strong force ---- Biggest one can bear the 5 kg force.
2.Hold out for long time ----- The suction cup can hold out for long time of adsorb in the smooth flat surface and the wall bodies, smooth product surface.
3.The suction cup makes use of the special shape, but do not produce a focus point, in order to prevent the causes of a fire while the suction cup is applied to a window glass.
4.Style good, the style is novel, the use is wide, well-balanced, shape beauty, already set, orderly
6.The suction cup can wear the cordage, wire, the plastics stick, iron chain
7.The suction cup can bear 80 C of heat
8.The suction cup can bear the low temperature -20 C, can export  to Europe, USA etc.
9 The suction cup can be made of wide range of materials: PVC, PVC(non-phthalate), SBS, SEBS, PU etc.

Why Suction Cups Can Function ?
Gravity and friction are the two main forces that make it possible for suction cups to function. Gravity pulls the molecules in the air toward earth, creating atmospheric pressure of roughly 10.00 pounds per square inch at sea level. A good suction cup on a slick surface causes that pressure to be applied to the outside of the cup, pushing it down onto the surface. Friction keeps the suction cup from sliding.

Through the effort of our R&D and testing department, were developed as one of top suppliers of suction cup in the HK and PRC. We developed the Chong Chin Suction Cup Quality Assurance System to assure our product quality. We are one of the experts on suction cups industry globally.